Do You Want Revival?

I like to keep up with the Cooper Stuff podcast. I usually watch it on YouTube but sometimes I download the podcast version so I don’t have to keep my screen active to listen to it. Today was a great episode where he was interviewing a Dr. Michael Brown, whom I didn’t know. However, Brown… Continue reading Do You Want Revival?

Yes, God is Sovereign

Thus, election. I believe in election because I believe in God’s sovereignty. Some say, well God is a gentleman and won’t impose his will on us. Why not? He imposes his will in a lot of ways. All throughout Scripture. It seems that all the arguments I hear against election eventually come down to “well,… Continue reading Yes, God is Sovereign

An Open Letter

…to Andy Stanley. I’m sure as a very famous leader of a very large church for a couple of decades, you have gotten your fair share of everything from “constructive criticism” to hate mail. So I want to point out that I don’t write this from a place of hate or jealousy or anything like… Continue reading An Open Letter

Thoughts on a Funeral

Yesterday I watched the funeral of Anna Lane Hattaway, along with a couple hundred other folks on Facebook and YouTube, as well as the people there in person. Anna Lane passed away suddenly last week at the age of 21. Due to immediate family circumstances I couldn’t drive over to be there in person. But… Continue reading Thoughts on a Funeral

Churches! Preach Repentance!

At the root of the split between the Church and the Western World these days (and I’m lumping the progressive “church” in with the World because I don’t believe they are the true Church) is the idea of whether humans are basically good…or bad. I’m not talking about our worth. Or whether God still thinks… Continue reading Churches! Preach Repentance!

Is Same Sex Attraction Wrong?

For conservative, reformed Christians, this is going to sound like a no-brainer, or like I am just poking the bear for fun. But BEAR with me. Admission time: I have experienced sexual attraction toward women at times in my life. Not recently, but sometimes in the past I struggled with it on and off. I… Continue reading Is Same Sex Attraction Wrong?

Raising Kids Who Don’t Deconstruct

So for the first time in about 7 months (!) I have another video up on YouTube. In this episode I discuss with my parents some things that were important to them in raising my brother and myself (who are now 39 and almost-43 respectively) to have a vibrant Christian faith that has stood against… Continue reading Raising Kids Who Don’t Deconstruct

Opportunity versus Sabbath Rest

I was recently given the opportunity to write a blog post for my church’s children’s ministry email. As I was debating in my mind the pros and cons of accepting that invitation, it dawned on me that I should blog about the actual stress of weighing the pros and cons of any opportunity or decision… Continue reading Opportunity versus Sabbath Rest

Dealbreakers: are you really a Christian?

As a Christian I have some pretty specific beliefs. Even specific among Christian beliefs. I’ve gotten more certain (“particular” we call it) as I’ve gotten older and done more Bible study, learned more about covenant theology, and thought more deeply about who God is and who His Church is. But then I got to thinking,… Continue reading Dealbreakers: are you really a Christian?